Since 2007, as part of the Polish Association of Instructors and Trainers of Protective Formations “I.P.SYSTEM”, the “Security Commission” began its statutory activities. The commission includes security specialists with extensive experience acquired in the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, comprising high-class professionals with appropriate personal security clearances (Confidential, Top Secret), specialized training in the field of protection of classified information (Commissioners for Classified Information, IT security inspectors, administrators of IT systems and networks), specialized training in technical protection systems, investors in technical security systems, and appropriate certifications of qualified physical security personnel and technical security staff.

The main tasks of the commission include undertaking activities on behalf of business entities in the area of:

organizing and conducting specialized training concerning:

    • physical protection of facilities (organizations, enterprises),
    • technical protection of facilities (organizations, enterprises),
    • organization of protection systems (organizations, enterprises),
    • organization of pass and identification systems (organizations, enterprises),
    • implementation of security policies (organizations, enterprises),
    • organization of the Security Department (organizations, enterprises),
    • counteracting social engineering attacks and economic espionage,
  • developing protection plans for mandatory protected facilities (according to the methodology of the National Police Headquarters),
  • developing protection plans for facilities not subject to mandatory protection (based on proprietary methodology),
  • developing risk analyses for the security of the facility, conducting security audits in terms of physical and technical protection of the facility,
  • developing security procedures for physical and technical protection of first category facilities