The main tasks of the commission include developing new training solutions and finding effective training methods in the field of operating combat weapons for various levels of advancement for the needs of public order services and the military. Promoting the model of tactical shootings of protection teams and combat sections. Supervision over the training process of the I.P. SYSTEM Association’s shooting staff in terms of tactical-technical improvement for the needs of both military departments.

In particular, in terms of organizing and conducting specialized training concerning:

    • techniques and tactics of operating weapons in personal protection and convoys
    • training methodology and upgrading of the instructor staff in the field of operating combat weapons in selected formations of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
    • tactics and techniques of using weapons in pursuit operations and urban combat
    • actions of protection groups in high-risk areas
    • training ground activities and tactical shootings of uniformed and civilian units in the context of convoy operations in dangerous situations
  • training of Military University of Technology students-soldiers in a 3-year cycle of a course for instructors of tactical and combat shootings in the “WAT Tactical Shooting Section”
  • methodological-training workshops in the field of special tactics / Ministry of National Defence /