Combat Ju-Jitsu Section for Youth

The Combat ju-jitsu/Karate Combat section is intended not only for those starting their career in martial arts but also for athletes practicing various systems of karate and sport ju-jitsu.

The origin of Combat ju-jitsu comes from special units in the USA, Germany, and Austria. Our training staff trained with these units at specialized international gatherings, obtaining coaching qualifications and appropriate authorizations in Poland. In our country, Combat ju-jitsu appeared in the 1990s in an airborne unit, which was the first to be accepted into NATO forces. In terms of Karate, the creator of the Polish 9DAN Karate system, M. Grubski, a multiple World Champion, refined the Polish Karate Combat system – the result is one of the forms of Grom Combat. Elements are currently used in police programs, military special units, and Gendarmerie, supplementing the simple standards of Krav-Maga. The training gives a chance to obtain rare instructor qualifications useful in military departments. And at workshops with a multiple World Karate Champion, the opportunity to enrich one’s technical and tactical workshop.

In the current situation, a decision has been made to organize additional workshops and courses in dynamic shooting for adult participants as part of the classes.