In life, the most important thing is the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Each of us should be able to defend ourselves and our closest ones.

Military system club training
“Close Contact Combat”
training workshops
“Actions in Extreme Situations”
for Women and Men in business circles
courses in using improvised means in street fighting

Classes for children 10-12 years old in self-defense according to the program “Safe Childhood”

Trainings for children 12-16 years old in
Combat Ju-Jitsu and Karate /self-defense forms

We have been training soldiers and special units of both ministries for 26 years under
signed agreements… today we also reach out to civilians…
dynamic shooting section /for adults, university students
tactical shooting section / Soldiers, Policemen, Municipal Guards, students
of Security Departments/

Professional development courses for ministry services and security personnel in tactical shooting and convoy operations specialized training for Military Units / irregular operations tactics, urban terrain /

Club training for women in Combat Ju-Jitsu / Karate self-defense courses for women and teaching staff specialized training in intervention techniques and subduing for medical staff and Emergency Medical Responders

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